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The Whiner's Club

The Whiner's Club is The Shante's exclusive wine club. We love wine, but really hate being sent bottles that someone else selects. So, we've created a club where YOU choose your wine from an exclusive list and get a whole bunch of incredible perks to go with it. The best part? How much you pay is completely up to you. Intrigued?? Keep scrolling to learn more and sign-up.

What is the Whiner's Club?


Terms & Conditions: By signing up for the Whiners Club, you agree to all Terms and Conditions of the club. There is a minimum two quarter commitment to join. You will be contacted for credit card information by phone. Charges will be applied on the day of pickup.

Join the Club

Get in before the list closes!


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Thanks for signing up! We'll call you to complete payment!

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