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The Whiner's Club

Welcome to The Whiner's Club! We love wine, but really hate being sent bottles that someone else selects. So, we've created a club where YOU choose your wine from an exclusive list. Please fill out the form below and let us know what your selection is and we'll have it ready for you at the Pick-up Party!

October Whiners Club Wine Picks


Boomtown Pinot Gris (2022): Light, crisp & so refreshing! This wine would be considered “off-dry” and would be closest to a dry Riesling. You will notice lots of citrus notes, white peach, green apple & it will have a long lemony finish. This is a great wine to pair with a light lunch, but will also stand on its own for dinner. Try pairing this with grilled salmon, chicken alfredo or fresh shucked oysters! Retail price: $25.79 Whiners Club price: $20.65

Paco & Lola Albarino (2021): Albarino is a new to me grape, so I thought I would share it with you all. Albarino is a Spanish white grape that is close in flavor to Sauvignon Blanc, but drinks drier than a Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is very aromatic with grapefruit, lime & peach notes. You will also notice flavors of herbs and white flowers. This wine will pair with sushi, fried chicken, pasta primavera or mushroom risotto. Retail price: $27.49 Whiners Club price: $22.00

Campet Ste. Marie Chardonnay (2022): With the upcoming winter months, I know we needed a big, bold, dry Chardonnay. This French Chardonnay is aged in oak barrels for 6 months, so it has that oaky taste some of you love. Ripe peaches, melon, honey & toasty notes make up the flavor profile. This Chardonnay will pair great with dancing in the kitchen, lobster pot pie, apricot chicken or hazelnut crusted pork chops. Retail price: $28.49 Whiners Club price: $22.79

Serena Sweet Red (NV): Here is the wine for all of you sweet lovers! Serena is a versatile wine as it can be used as an aperitif, with dinner or it can also be used as a dessert wine.  You will taste lots of strawberries and raspberries, but will also pick up on cherry & a hint of rhubarb. This wine has a slight “bubble” & is meant to be served chilled. Pair this with cheese platters, roast chicken, strawberry shortcake or chocolate torte. Retail price: $21.39 Whiners Club price: $17.11

Sindicat La Figuera Montsant (2020): This wine is a light to medium bodied red, but drinks just like a full-bodied red! This is wine is made from 100% Grenache grape & is very fruit & fresh, but isn’t meant to be aged, so you will want to drink it within the next year. You will notice flavors of black cherry, blueberries, raspberries and a hint of cracked pepper. This very smooth red will pair great with shepherd’s pie, braised lamb shank, beef stew & even that turkey for Thanksgiving dinner! Retail price: $27.49 Whiners Club price: $22.00

Kaiken Indomito Malbec (2019): A classic treat from Argentina! Big, bold & dry, but so drinkable! Lots of strawberry, plum, cherry & oaky notes with a dark chocolate nose on the finish. Pair this delicious red with grilled porterhouse steak, blue cheese bison burgers, grilled swordfish or marinated duck breast. Retail price: $27.45 Whiners Club price: $21.96

Hourglass Proprietary Red Blend (2021): This is our “special” wine for this quarter. This red blend is a knockout. Hourglass is Merlot, Petite Sirah & Cabernet grapes that is aged in a French oak barrel. You will notice red cherry, black currants, vanilla, toasted oak & a hint of chocolate. This rich luscious wine will pair with filet mignon, venison steak, pasta Bolognese or lamb chops. Retail price: $55.49 Whiners Club Price: $44.40

Whiner's Club Order Form

Choose a minimum of two bottles (they can even be 2 of the same kind!). You may choose more, but two is your quarterly commitment. 

What day would you like to attend the party?

Thanks for submitting!

Boomtown Pinot Gris.jpg

Boomtown Pinot Gris (2022)


Campet Ste. Marie Chardonnay (2022)


La Figuera Montsant.jpg

Sindicat La Figuera Montsant (2020)


Paco & Lola Albarino.jpg

Paco & Lola Albarino (2021)


Serena Sweet Red.jpg

Serena Sweet Red (NV)


Kaiken Malbec.jpg

Kaiken Indomito Malbec (2019)



Hourglass Proprietary Red Blend (2021)


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