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The Whiner's Club

Welcome to The Whiner's Club! We love wine, but really hate being sent bottles that someone else selects. So, we've created a club where YOU choose your wine from an exclusive list. Please fill out the form below and let us know what your selection is and we'll have it ready for you at the Pick-up Party!

October Whiners Club Wine Picks


Leitz Riesling (2021): This is a super-delicious, feinherb style Riesling that has crisp acidity, juicy aromatics and is dangerously drinkable! You will get bursting green apple, peach and lots of citrus flavors. This Riesling originates from Germany! Retail price: $24.99 Whiners Club price: $16.25

Long Meadow Ranch Chardonnay (2019): Delicious golden apple, pear, hint of lime zest, vanilla and baking spices. This Chardonnay is aged primarily in stainless steel barrels, but is finished in French oak barrels so it has a hint of oak. Enjoy this aged, ready to drink wine with grilled salmon, steamed crab legs or your favorite risotto dish. Retail price: $26.49 Whiners Club price: $17.22

Angels & Cowboy Rose (2021): As we work our way into red season, this rose is still a great wine to enjoy on our last few bonfires & lake days of 2022. Vibrant acidity, fresh flavors & very easy drinking. Mandarin oranges, pomegranate blossoms, wildflowers & a hint of tart cherry. This wine pairs with any dinner, but also drinks smoothly on its own. Retail price: $24.99 Whiners Club price: $16.25

Casa Rossa Fratelli (NV): Where are my sweet wine fans at? This is for you! This sweet red has intense flavors of strawberries, raspberries & has hints of floral notes. This Italian red is great accompanied with salads as well as sweet, savory or spicy dishes. Best served chilled. Retail price: $23.99 Whiners Club price: $15.55

Jax Pinot Noir (2019): Lots of red fruit flavors! Cherry, raspberry, strawberries galore! You will also notice earthy tones followed by vanilla, clove & spice. This California based Pinot Noir pairs great with veal, wild game & of course a delicious ribeye steak. Retail price: $38.99 Whiners Club price: $25.35

Las Cartas Cabernet Sauvignon (2020): An exclusive wine from Chile! This is 100% cabernet grapes. Rich flavors of both red and black berries, tobacco, vanilla & spice. This wine has a long, bold finish. It was aged in oak barrels for 6 months, so you may pick up a hint of oak. Las Cartas will pair with any ripe cheese, grilled meats and well-seasoned dishes. Retail price: $23.95 Whiners Club price: $15.55

Whiner's Club Order Form

Choose a minimum of two bottles (they can even be 2 of the same kind!). You may choose more, but two is your quarterly commitment. 


Thank you! See you at the party!

Leitz Riesling.jpg

Leitz Riesling (2021)


Long Meadow Chardonnay.jpg

Long Meadow Ranch Chardonnay (2019)


Casa Rossa Fratelli.jpg

Angels & Cowboy Rose (2021)


Casa Rossa Fratelli (NV)


Jax Pinot Noir.jpg

Jax Pinot Noir (2019)


Las Cartas Cabernet.JPG

Las Cartas Cabernet Sauvignon (2020)