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The Whiner's Club

Welcome to The Whiner's Club! We love wine, but really hate being sent bottles that someone else selects. So, we've created a club where YOU choose your wine from an exclusive list. Please fill out the form below and let us know what your selection is and we'll have it ready for you at the Pick-up Party!

April Whiners Club Wine Picks


Il Soffione Prosecco (NV) - We all have something in life that we are celebrating soon, whether that be the snow melting, Easter Sunday, or Mother’s Day! This sparkling brut is perfect for it. You can use this for Mimosas or drink it alone. Prosecco is also great paired with any spicy food and especially good with cheese plates and pizza! You will notice flavors of green apple, pear, citrus & small mountain flowers. Retail Price: $23.99 Whiners Club Price: $19.19

Sincerely Sauvignon Blanc (2021) - Sauvignon Blanc has become the “new” Chardonnay. Prior to the pandemic, Chardonnay was the go-to white wine for many, but now SB has taken that crown. This particular wine comes from South Africa. You will taste lots of tropical fruit as well as lots of citrus fruit. This is a perfect wine to pair with a cheese board, shellfish, or freshly grilled pork chops. Retail Price: $22.99 Whiners Club Price: $18.39

Uni Stolpman White Blend (2021) - This is a super fun dry white blend. It is comprised mostly of Roussane grape (70%), followed with Chardonnay (30%). Roussane grapes are a full-bodied white grape that is grown in the Northern region of France. We’ve never had Roussane grapes before, but were pleasantly surprised. This wine drinks just like a Chardonnay without the oaky flavors. Golden pineapple, white flowers & Asian pear flavors make up this wine. This wine pairs fantastically with any seafood dish; scallops, tuna, or grilled mahi mahi. Retail Price: $32.99 Whiners Club Price: $26.39

Three by Wade Rose (2021) - It’s almost rose season (yay!), so naturally we have to offer a delicious rose! Fresh strawberries, ripe melon, and raspberries. This is an off-dry rose, but is fantastic! It also has a bright salmon color, which is unique. This rose is comprised mostly of Syrah & Grenache grapes. This is a great wine to drink while sitting on the dock (when that time finally comes) and will go great with any spicy food, fruity desserts, or even nachos! Retail Price: $21.99 Whiners Club Price: $17.59

Lofi Mencia (2021) - This is our “try something new” wine! Mencia is a medium bodied red wine grape that is only grown in Spain and Portugal. This wine drinks just like a Pinot Noir. Lots of bright cherry, pomegranate, strawberries & violets. It finishes with a hint of peppercorns. Mencia grapes pair similar to a Pinot Noir - steak fajitas, hearty beef stew, or grilled lamb chops. Retail Price: $31.99 Whiners Club Price: $25.59

La Chiazza Toscana (2019) - A beautiful full bodied Italian blend! Toscana is a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This wine is aged in oak barrels for 18 months prior to being aged in the bottle, so you may note a hint of oak. You will taste flavors of black cherry, plum, blackberry, tobacco & vanilla. This wine will pair great with ribeye steaks, homemade lasagna and of course charcuterie. If you need a touch of Italy in your life, you need to get this! Retail Price: $22.99 Whiners Club Price: $18.39

Whiner's Club Order Form

Choose a minimum of two bottles (they can even be 2 of the same kind!). You may choose more, but two is your quarterly commitment. 


NEW! This quarter, we will have two dates available for a pick-up party: Saturday, April 1 or Monday, April 3. After you Submit your choices below, you'll be taken to an RSVP page. Please indicate which date you can make or if you will be unable to attend, choose a date, click RSVP and click "I'm not going." We'll reach out to coordinate pick-up.

Il Soffione Prosecco (NV)


Uni Stolpman White Blend (2021)


Lofi Mencia (2021)


Sincerely Sauvignon Blanc (2021)


Three By Wade Rose (2021)


La Chiazza Toscana (2019)


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