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The Whiner's Club Order Form

Welcome to The Whiner's Club Order Form! We love wine, but really hate being sent bottles that someone else selects. So, we've created a club where YOU choose your wine from an exclusive list. Please fill out the form below and let us know what your selection is and we'll have it ready for you to pick up at the party date you select.

July Whiners Club Wine Picks


Dopff & Irion Pinot Blanc (2022): This may be a new grape to some of you. Consider this your breakfast wine, summer porch pounder, or all-day drinking wine. Pinot Blanc grapes are very similar to Pinot Grigio, but lighter & have more flavor. This crisp semi-dry wine has lots of flavors of citrus, peaches, pineapple & honey. This wine will pair great with lemon chicken, fried walleye, chicken kabobs, or smoked salmon. Whiners Club Price: $21.99

Anton Bauer Gruner (2022): Gruner Veltliner is Austria’s most renowned white wine & is not commonly found in selections in our area. Gruner is a crisp, medium bodied dry white wine with a highly acidic finish. The highly acidic finish, makes your mouth water and trust me when I say you’ll want more! You will notice flavors of green apple, grapefruit, lemon, lime & hints of mint. This wine can be paired with cobb salad, Thai curries, smoked ham or shrimp alfredo. Whiners Club Price: $22.89

H & B Provence Rose (2023): A well-rounded light, bright & refreshing Rose from France. This semi-dry rose is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault & Syrah grapes that has zippy notes of grapefruit, citrus & watermelon. This rose can stand on it’s own, or you can pair it with light meat dinner options such as chicken caprese, crab salad, roast pork, or grilled scallops. Whiners Club Price: $25.49

Brigantino Sweet Red (2022): Sweet lovers rejoice! This is your comfort wine for all seasons & all reasons. This vibrant sweet red comes from the hills of Italy. Luscious exotics fruits & red berries give way to a slight sparkling sensation that your taste buds will appreciate! This special treat can be paired with fruit salad, biscotti, desserts and sweets, but you can also enjoy it as an apéritif or as a drink for any special occasion. Whiners Club Price: $24.79

Garofoli Montepulciano (2017): I love having pasta dishes, so much! One of my favorite wines to have with pasta is a Montepulciano. This medium bodied dry red hails from Italy. It features the classic notes of an Italian red; blackberries & cherries with a spicy, oaky finish. This pairs wonderfully with anything pasta related; pasta primavera, pasta Bolognese or alfredo, but will pair with venison, beef, or duck. Whiners Club Price: $19.99

Frogs Leap Flycatcher Red Blend (2022): This red blend is comprised of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Merlot & Syrah grapes. Who says you can’t have a Zinfandel wine in the summer heat?! You will notice lots of fresh berry notes (blackberries, raspberries & blueberries), fresh herbs & hints of oak. This wine is aged in oak barrels for up to 5 years. Pair this silky-smooth blend with lots of things; stuffed mushrooms, braised veal shanks, beef pot roast or even fresh oysters. Whiners Club Price: $29.99

Buena Vista Pinot Noir (2018): Our special release for the summer! Everyone needs a great Pinot Noir to keep on their shelf for special dinners or events. This rich, juicy Pinot will not disappoint. Buena Vista is a medium bodied wine, that has a smoky, drier finish. It has lots of fresh red berry notes with hints of plum & black cherries. Pair this easy drinking wine with grilled tuna, roasted duck, mushroom risotto, or grilled porterhouse steaks. Whiners Club Price: $39.95

Whiner's Club Order Form

Choose a minimum of two bottles (they can even be 2 of the same kind!). You may choose more, but two is your quarterly commitment. 

This month, the pick up party will be held on Monday, July 15. Please RSVP if you'll be bringing a plus 1. Select No and we'll contact you about pick up.

Thanks for submitting!

Dopff & Irion Pinot Blanc.jpg

Dopff & Irion Pinot Blanc (2022)


H & B Provence Rose.jpg

H & B Provence Rose (2023)


PIancarda Montepulciano.jpg

Garofoli Montepulciano (2017)


Anton Bauer Gruner.jpg

Anton Bauer Gruner (2022)


Brigantino Sweet Red.jpg

Brigantino Sweet Red (2022)


Frogs Leap Flycatcher Red Blend (2022)


Buena Vista Pinot Noir.jpg

Buena Vista Pinot Noir (2018)


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